April Fools! Yes, We All Knew The Celebrity Voice Was Morgan Freeman

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Since March 16th The Bobby Bones Show has been doing a segment called 'Guess The Celebrity Voice,' where they play a clip and listeners have to call in sharing who they think it is.

Well, the clip was obviously Morgan Freeman in his voice over work for March of the Penguins. However, for weeks callers were calling in guessing an array of people that were no where near close to Freeman and as most know, Freeman's voice is widely recognized. So understandably our listeners were getting very frustrated that callers weren't guessing the right person when the answer was obvious. Since today is April 1st, we got to share that the segment was actually just an April Fools Joke!

All of the callers that called in were told to guess different people, they all knew (mostly) that it was Freeman. There is nothing like bringing together a bunch of people to yell on social media that they know the celebrity voice. So... April Fools!

Photo: Getty Images

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