These Are The Things The Show Finds Oddly Attractive

There was a trend on social media asking users to use #ThingsIFindOddlyHot and share the things that attract them most to a partner, that may be a little odd. While users on social media took to their pages to confess the things they find most attractive, The Bobby Bones Show shared theirs on air.

The list of things mentioned include: not having any time, tickling, dipping, pregnancy, sunglasses, and a sweat belt. Bobby, Amy, and Morgan2 all had some fairly normal things that they find attractive. Lunchbox, Eddie, and Raymundo's were a little bit more bizarre.

The Thing Bobby Finds Most Attractive: When a girl doesn’t have time for him


The Thing Amy Finds Most Attractive: When her husband tickles her kids or is flying airplanes


The Thing Lunchbox Finds Most Attractive: When chicks dip or when a woman's underwear is shown above her jeans


The Thing Eddie Finds Most Attractive: Pregnant Women, in particular his wife


The Thing Morgan2 Finds Most Attractive: When guys wear aviator sunglasses


The Thing Raymundo Finds Most Attractive: When his Bae wears her sweat belt

Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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