TMSG: Woman Reunited With Prosthetic Leg After Scuba Diver Finds It

Ariel Rigney lost her prosthetic leg in an Oregon river and she was sure she would never see it again. She regularly uses her prosthetic to go running and swimming, so when she went rafting down Clackamas River with her friends for her birthday, it was no different.

Unfortunately, the bungee cord that had been securing her prosthetic became undone. Their group hit a bumpy part of the river and Rigney's leg went flying. Several of her friends tried diving down to get the leg with no success.

Rigney made a Facebook post about her missing prosthetic just in case, despite her thinking nothing would come of the post. Well, turns out Eric Ganter is an avid scuba diver and happened to go diving the following day after Rigney's incident.

Ganter found Rigney's prosthetic and then google searched about a missing leg. Rigney's post popped up and the two got connected. Ganter returned Rigney's prosthetic and now the two have a happy new friendship.