Everyone Had Near Death Experiences On Their Recent Vacations

The Bobby Bones Show unveiled a new studio today (July 15), but before walking into the new studio everyone took a vacation and spent some time with their families.

While talking about everyone's time away, the show released that everyone experienced situations that scared them. Everyone on the show from Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, and Morgan2 all recalled situations that gave them a near-death experience.

Bobby flew out to Las Vegas to see Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn at their Las Vegas Residency. As soon as he got to his hotel room, Bones felt the 7.1 earthquake that rocked the west coast. It was his first earthquake experience and it definitely shook him a bit.

Amy went to Colorado to visit her and her husband's families. While they were out there, Amy was out walking alone and got lost in the woods. She was gone for over 2 hours and ultimately had to use the sun to find her way back to the house. She said she was worried she'd have to start drinking her pee.

Lunchbox spent time with 27 of his family members in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, up the road from Nashville. They spent time doing a lot of activities, but there were two moments Lunchbox said he was fearful. During zip-lining with everyone, Lunchbox's dad's helmet flew off of him. He was worried about what could have possibly happened. He also said he was 'attacked' by rabid dogs, but got away.

Eddie went kayaking by himself and says he ended up being surrounded by several 6-foot sharks. He was worried about flipping over his kayak and only having his oar to defend himself.

Morgan2 went to the Northeast for the first time and she says riding in taxis in New York City nearly gave her a mini heart attack and several times the taxis almost ran into other cars.

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