Updates On Family Feud Episode, Raymundo's Big Brother Situation


Raymundo has decided to gather all of the comments from social media, texts, and callers to create a segment he likes to call "Raymundo Demands An Answer!" where he gives you updates on what you keep asking about!

Below are updates on the Family Feud episode, Raymundo's Big Brother situation, and more!

1) Are there air-dates yet for Celebrity Family Feud and Running Wild?

Answer: No! Bobby has not been told yet when the air date for Family Feud is; although the season has started they have not assigned air-dates for every episode. As far as Running Wild goes... Bobby has not left for the show yet! He says he has not been told any details but will share them when he gets them.

2) Does Amy ever compliment her husband on-air?

Answer: Yes! But he asks to be downgraded on air. She says of course she compliments him she thinks that he is the greatest husband and father. Watching him grow into this role of being a Dad has been amazing.

3) A lady commented that her daughter wants a Bobby Bones themed birthday party. What is your advice on throwing the best Bobby themed party?

Answer: Get plastic dark rimmed glasses for everyone, make sure there is A LOT of red, serve all healthy food (grilled chicken and sweet potatoes are some of Bobby's favorites), everyone gets boxing gloves, and make sure everyone shows up early. If anyone is late they are NOT allowed inside!

4) Has Raymundo given up on the Big Brother dream?

Answer: He thinks so. The show went with another Nashville guy who Raymundo thinks is better than him. He also loves the Bobby Bones Show too much to leave us to although his dream is gone he isn't upset.

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