Video: My Boyfriend Played an April Fools Day Prank on Me

Somehow, I thought we were all on the same page that April Fool's Day was CANCELED this year! The real world is tricky enough right now. But still, two people I trust totally GOT ME on April Fool's Day.

The first was Bobby Bones. Did you hear about this secret celebrity sound prank they had been playing since March 16?? They got me good, I really thought no one knew what Morgan Freeman sounded like all of a sudden.

The second was much more of a burn. I got home from work and my boyfriend told me an "accident happened". He brought me into my bedroom and said he broke my tv with a kettlebell! The screen looked totally busted. My true and real reaction is in the video below - I had no idea he was filming OR that it was a prank. I kind of gasped when I saw it but then just said "WHY were you using a kettlebell in here?" at which point he confesses its a prank and the broken screen is just a paused YouTube video!

I still don't know I'm being filmed, he tells me he wanted me to have a more upset reaction to the tv, and I said a truly iconic line... "Its just a TV, not the end of the world, I would totally roast you for it forever" yep, always looking for reasons to roast LOL. He got me though, I really thought he broke it!

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