Dog Survives Five Nights In The Wild After Being Presumed Dead In Crash

Holy shih tzu! A Canadian family's dog miraculously survived five nights in the frigid wilderness after he was presumed dead in a 15-car pileup last week. Tanya Cassell Pardy was about 375 miles away from home, visiting her father with her two boys and their dog, when they were involved in the muiti-car crash caused by whiteout conditions along the Trans-Canada Highway near Birchy Lake, Newfoundland. They fled the car to avoid being rear-ended by an 18-wheeler, which is when 3-year-old Obi disappeared. Pardy posted about Obi on Facebook, but admits she thought he'd been killed. "To be honest, I posted in hopes of getting his body back so we could get some closure," she said. Then on Saturday, they got word that a couple had spotted Obi near the crash site, but weren't able to trap him. Pardy's husband hopped on a flight, then went out with his father-in-law looking for Obi by flashlight and found him covered in ice and snow. "We cried and cried and cried," Pardy says about the good news.



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