Welcome to Pet Country!

Hi! I’m Katie Price, your midday girl on 102.7 The Wolf, and I’d like to welcome you to Pet Country . All my fellow animal lovers rejoice! This is a special little corner of the internet just for us and our furbabies. This will be a space for me to share important animal info (food recalls, safety tips, etc.), heartwarming stories, and the occasional (or very frequent, more likely) pictures/videos of cute animals. We love ALL creatures big and small over here. Canines, felines, reptiles, amphibians...I could keep going. Seriously ALL the animals.

Here's a picture of my own beloved furbabies: Finn and Denali. Denali is the large, floofy one, and Finn is the little guy who somewhat resembles an overstuffed baked potato. Yeah, he’s a little chunky, but more to love right?


So make sure to stop by every week and check out what’s going on over in Pet Country . I guarantee it will be a valuable use of your time. In fact … ahem … I hereby solemnly swear to share only the most pertinent pet information, stories so touching your heart might literally explode, and the absolute CUTEST photos/videos that will bring tears to your eyes. I mean, I’m already off to a pretty good start right? Look at those puppies one more time.


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