Daily California Statewide Fire Summary (Video)

​California Statewide Fire Summary:


Today over 14,000 firefighters are on the front lines of more than two dozen major fires and lightning complexes across California. Last night, firefighters aggressively worked to strengthen containment lines. In anticipation of the upcoming weather patterns, crews continue to perform firing operations to burn away vegetation in an attempt to slow down and stop the spread of the wildfires.

Since the lightning siege that started on Saturday, August 15, 2020, there have been nearly 12,000 lightning strikes. During this time-period, there have been more than 615 new wildfires, which have now burned over 1.1 million acres. All current active wildfires, across all jurisdictions, have burned nearly 1.3 million acres across California.

The weather forecast for the upcoming days continues to be warm and dry. Remnants of Hurricane Genevieve will bring thunderstorms as early as this morning and continue through Tuesday. A Red Flag Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for lightning with very little to no rain. The winds will generally be light, however erratic gusty winds of up to 65mph may occur. This dry lightning will likely hamper efforts to contain the current fires and may spark new fires. 

With extreme fire danger expected this weekend, it is critical that all Californians take steps to prevent sparking a wildfire. To learn more ways to prevent sparking a wildfire visit www.ReadyForWildfire.org.