Introducing The Watermelon Ham!

If you're looking for creative meals for BBQ season, look no further than the watermelon ham!

Last summer, Duck's Eatery in New York City debuted a $75 watermelon that's smoked--and looks--exactly like a ham. The ham ended up selling out through November after videos chronicling Duck's process racked up millions of views on YouTube. But Duck's co-owner Will Horowitz isn't all that jazzed about the dish's viral success, telling Eater, “We want to sell it, and we’re going to keep selling it. But do we want to open a watermelon stand next year? Definitely not.” That might be because, even at $75, the watermelon ham doesn't bring home too much bacon, as just one serving basically takes a week to make in a 600-square-foot restaurant that's already short on space.



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