Phone Addiction May Be Making Your Dog Depressed (CUTE PUPPY PICS INSIDE)

Experts say that our dependence on our smartphones may be having negative effects on our furry friends (mainly dogs; cats don't seem to care very much.)

It makes our dogs sad when we spend more time staring at a screen than we do giving them the love and attention they rightfully deserve. It can even lead to behavioral issues.

Apparently it all boils down to their instincts as pack animals. When they stop receiving attention from the human they've bonded with, it leads to them becoming sad and emotionally distant. Basically, excessive smartphone usage can destroy your bond with your dog. 

BRB. Gonna go throw my phone away.  

I'm also going to use this story as an excuse to share pictures of my puppies.

This is Denali, my dopey little lab mix. 

And Finnegan, my rescue rat terrier who's been my best bud for the past 6 years.  


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