Gogo's TV Guide: Locke & Key Review

I always love getting suggestions from people for new shows, so I decided I wanted to start a new feature on my blog giving suggestions to you!

This month I got hooked on the show Locke and Key. After watching the preview on Netflix I decided to give it a shot and I quickly became obsessed with it! I binged it within 3 days and I am already antsy for the second season to come out!

It reminds me a bit of fantasy genre, like Once Upon A Time or even stranger things, which I love. It has some dark magic in it and a lot of twists, but I really enjoyed the dynamic of the characters. I only knew one actress, Darby Stanchfield, from when I watched Scandal. But, the rest of the characters really grew on me, especially Bode. I won't give spoilers, but basically this family has to move after their father was murdered and when they get to their estate they found all these magical keys hidden in the house. That's pretty much all I can say without spoiling the whole thing, but this is my favorite show and I hope you will try it out!