One way to describe me, the ocean is where my heart is. 

I was born on the tiny island of Guam and moved to San Diego at two-years-old. Yes, one paradise to another. I grew up off-roading in the Glamis Sand Dunes and in the summers I was in a jet boat going across the Colorado River in 100+ heat in Arizona. I hated most vegetables growing up, I blame my mom because spam was a delicacy in Guam and It's kind of night and day to who I am now. I am a health nut, I love my veggies and working out is my top priority and I find that when I stay active and eat good I feel at my best. I am a proud Bulldog Alumni, the Valley is part of my life path and I appreciate every experience I have had here. After graduating in 2018 I quickly secured a job iHeartRadio in digital media and as determined as I was, it took me almost 2 years to get my first on-air shift. I am a firm believer that if you stick to your guns you can make all your goals a reality! My ultimate dream is to just share stories and inspire people, I think everyone is unique and has endured their own struggles who make them who they are today. I am so happy to be part of iHeartRadio and this amazing community of the Central Valley! 

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