Fan vs. Artist Trivia: Dustin Lynch Faces Off Against His Superfan


Dustin Lynch loves his fans, and his fans love the country star right back. So much, in fact, it seems they may know Dustin better than he knows himself. Or do they?

Backstage during the Daytime Stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Dustin faced off against one of his biggest fans, who came out to see him perform, in a game of trivia about himself. During his set at the Las Vegas festival, the country singer/songwriter performed several of his biggest hits, including "Hell of a Night," "Back On It," "Small Town Boy," "Seein' Red," and a cover of Drake's "God's Plan."

Then, Lynch hung out backstage with one of his superfans, Danielle, and the Dustin Lynch trivia began! The two were asked questions about Dustin's music, favorite animal smell, grades in school, and more!

So, does Dustin know himself better than Danielle knows him? Watch the video above to find out, and check out some highlights below. 

Things started off neck and neck as Dustin and Danielle each got the first question right.

They both remembered that Dustin's first celebrity crush was Reba McEntire.

Dustin Lynch iHeartRadio Fan vs. Artist Trivia

But then, Dustin pulled ahead at the end of the first round.

He guessed that he performed "Hell of a Night" on the Today Show a few years ago ... and got it right!

Dustin Lynch iHeartRadio Fan vs. Artist Trivia

Things got intense in the lightening round, and ultimately, Dustin knew all of the answers.

Dustin Lynch iHeartRadio Fan vs. Artist Trivia

But, it's safe to say the real winner of this game was Danielle because she got to meet Dustin!

Congrats to both Danielle and Dustin! 

Dustin Lynch iHeartRadio Fan vs. Artist Trivia


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