Woman Harassed and HIT by a stranger in Paris

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In order to spotlight sexual harassment on the street, a young French woman posted a video of herself being hit in the face by a man in the streets of Paris. The video has gone viral in France, and Paris prosecutors have launched an investigation.

Last Wednesday, Marie Laguerre, 22, posted on her Facebook page a video showing her being hit in the face by a man on a Paris street. Laguerre shared her experience in a Facebook post.

The 22-year old student was walking home in Paris’ 19th arrondissement last week when she was accosted by a young man at the terrace of a bar.

Marlène Schiappa, France’s gender equality minister, called the assault an attack on the "freedom of women" as she backed plans to introduce on the spot fines for harassment including wolf-whistling.

Describing her deal on social media, Ms Laguerre wrote in English: “I walked past a man who sexually/verbally harassed me."

“He wasn't the first one and I can't accept being humiliated like that, so I replied ‘shut up’,” she wrote.

“He then threw an ashtray at me, before rushing back to punch me, in the middle of the street, in front of dozens of people.”

She later told Le Parisien that he had insulted her repeatedly, wagged his tongue and made sexually suggestive "groans".

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