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WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Three parents try to stop their daughters from having sex on prom night.

WHO'S IN IT? John Cena, Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, Kathryn Newton


  • John Cena and Ike Barinholtz also starred in Sisters (2015).
  • The movie poster shows a rooster before the word "Blockers" to avoid using the C-word.
  • Kay Cannon, who wrote the Pitch Perfect movies, makes her directorial debut with the film. She was once marred to Jason Sudeikis.



WHAT'S IT ABOUT? A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

WHO'S IN IT? Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, Leon Russom, Cade Woodward


  • John Krasinski directed and co-wrote the screenplay.
  • Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are married in real life.
  • Much of the film has no dialogue.
  • The budget was $17 million.


WHAT'S IT ABOUT? After the tragic death of their star player, a team of dispirited high school girls must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hopes of winning the state championship.

WHO'S IN IT? Helen Hunt, Erin Moriarty, William Hurt, Danika Yarosh


  • Based on the true story of the Iowa City West High School volleyball team in 2011.
  • The movie premiered at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City on March 18th.
  • Helen Hunt's last movie, I Love You, Daddy, never made it to theaters. It was shelved following star Louis C.K.'s sex scandal.



WHAT'S IT ABOUT? The story of Ted Kennedy's involvement in the fatal 1969 car accident that claimed the life of a young campaign strategist, Mary Jo Kopechne.

WHO'S IN IT? Jason Clarke, Kate Mara, Ed Helms, Bruce Dern, Olivia Thirlby, Jim Gaffigan


  • Sam Taylor-Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) was initially attached to direct but dropped out. John Curran stepped in.
  • Chappaquiddick Island, where the incident took place, is located on the eastern end of Martha's Vineyard.
  • Jason Clarke, who plays Ted Kennedy, was born on July 17th, 1969, one day before the Chappaquiddick incident.



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