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Lauren received a surprise phone call from hostess Reba McEntire, who shared the exciting news.  Look at her surprise reaction

Her fans have been quick to respond on twitter to her to say congratulations on being named NEW FEMALE ARTIST for the ACM Awards  Lauren writes

Like every post, I’ve got to start with a pun. The best thing that has happened to me in my “McEntire” life. Now that that’s out of the way... I won an ACM. AND @reba called to tell me. Today my country-loving heart is exploding. Thank you to my team.  This award is for ALL of us

0:5316.3K views10:06 AM - 26 Mar 2018280 Retweets1,572 Likes145 replies280 retweets1,572 likesReply 145 Retweet 280 Like 1.6KLauren Alaina Canada‏ @AlainaCanada 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

I'd say I cant believe this is happening but I can and I'm so so happy it's happening to you. That was a lot of "hap" but I'm OVER THE MOON THAT YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE 

0 replies1 retweet8 likesReply  Retweet 1 Like 8Shannon Hott‏ @ShanHott27 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

I AM A MESS IN TEARS. Lauren NO ONE is sweeter, hardworking, or more deserving than you are. Told you Friday I was rooting for you and this just made my entire week. Congratulations, I just can’t explain how happy I am for you!

0 replies2 retweets7 likesReply  Retweet 2 Like 7ℐamie ℬ.‏ @maybe_im_crazy 49m49 minutes agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Words can’t even begin to describe how proud I am of you, there’s nobody in the world more deserving of this accomplishment and this award in this moment. All the sacrifices, all that time, it has lead you to this moment right here, right now. Congrats, Lozza 

0 replies0 retweets4 likesReply  Retweet  Like 4Issy‏ @DonovanIssy 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Congratulations Lauren!!! This is so well deserved! I’m so happy for you 

0 replies0 retweets3 likesReply  Retweet  Like 3TheCountrySource‏ @TCountrySource 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

So much deserved. Congrats @Lauren_Alaina 

0 replies0 retweets3 likesReply  Retweet  Like 3Erin R.‏ @ChoctawCA 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Congratulations Lauren!! This is amazing and you deserve all of its amazingness!! Just awesome! 

0 replies0 retweets3 likesReply  Retweet  Like 3Dinner with a Saint‏ @dinnerwithSaint 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Thank you for sharing JOY today. Congratulations.

0 replies0 retweets3 likesReply  Retweet  Like 3TeamLaurenDuski‏ @GaylordFanClub 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @NettlesNation @reba

MAJOR congrats to you @Lauren_Alaina !!!  So well deserved  #teamlauren

0 replies0 retweets4 likesReply  Retweet  Like 4Lisa Marie‏ @LISAMARIE_620 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

How do I LOVE this a BIZZILION Times!!! WELL DESERVED.  Congrats @Lauren_Alaina  this brought tears to my eyes 

0 replies0 retweets3 likesReply  Retweet  Like 3Della Dowd‏ @MamiedoodleDowd 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Congratulations Lauren,  this award is well deserved.  So proud of you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Opry!

0 replies1 retweet3 likesReply  Retweet 1 Like 3Ashley Morris‏ @CarrieLover2008 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

I wish I could  this a thousand times. You do deserve this!!! Congrats girl!!!

0 replies0 retweets3 likesReply  Retweet  Like 3leanne‏ @AlainersTeam 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Every time i watch this video i cry lol I’m just so proud 

0 replies0 retweets4 likesReply  Retweet  Like 4Sue  👩‍⚕️‏ @NurseSue76 48m48 minutes agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Congrats! So well deserved.

0 replies0 retweets2 likesReply  Retweet  Like 2crazy ex girlfriend‏ @MrsDarcy986 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba


0 replies0 retweets2 likesReply  Retweet  Like 2Isabelle‏ @Isabelle_g__ 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba


0 replies0 retweets2 likesReply  Retweet  Like 2Stacey‏ @Stacey85889717 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

So excited for you Lauren! We love you & your Music! Keep it coming!

0 replies0 retweets2 likesReply  Retweet  Like 2Heather Rae‏ @HrHyde2017 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Congratulations!!!! I'm so proud of you you're so talented you deserve it :) keep up the great work

0 replies0 retweets2 likesReply  Retweet  Like 2Pris‏ @Priscruz87 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Oh awesome! Congratulations 

0 replies0 retweets2 likesReply  Retweet  Like 2Tiffeney Johnson‏ @tjohnson239 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

Your reaction to this was so awesome! Congratulations!

0 replies0 retweets2 likesReply  Retweet  Like 2erica‏ @ericaCme 1h1 hour agoMoreReplying to @Lauren_Alaina @reba

oh my gawd 

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