More Hard To See Videos From Wednesdays Attack

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They aftermath of this horrible attack brings out more details now focusing on the victims of the shooting and the eyewitness horror that those innocent students went through while a deranged former student that can best be described as a complete waste of skin of a human being pulled of this murderous rampage..... As far as his rights are concerned I could care less..These videos below give us a real insight to what has been learned and the stories from these students is heartbreaking 

This mother below, speaks from her broken heart,  lets hope someone is listening

Details emerge in video below

The video below from ABC NEWS really shows how hard these students are having with all that has happened, and I hope they all know . we really hurt for them

As we learn more in the days and weeks to come I hope that our elected officials from Washington on down will get serious.  This just can't continue to happen.   The students are asking for change from our leaders in Washington and beyond.. 

More videos emerge from the actual attack in progress....Makes me sick to think what these innocent kids went through.   It's going to take a long time to recover.  Warning !!!!  Graphic

We as a nation have to do more than just be horrified at what happen a Stoneman Douglas High School.   As a Nation we must come together to try to find a solution that we probably aren't totally sure which part of the solution needs to come first.  Keeps these families of the dead in our prayers and let's hope that all of the survivors of this outrages attack will be able to pull through and maybe it's they that leads the discussion for change and helps themselves and our future by finding a plan.......Maybe their generation will do what no one else seems to be capable of doing and actually hatch a plan more needed change.........But first let them recover, let them grieve, let them pick up the pieces one day at a time......  


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Greg Lane

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