SpaceX lauches the "Super Rocket"

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I have always had a special place in my heart for the space program. NASA captivated my attention at a very young age. Watching the rockets blast off in space with humans a board was just so exciting. The astronauts became American heroes, and their  every detail of their flights in space were revealed on TV as it happened.  I always had a desire to be an astronaut in fact at one time I wanted to be the first radio "d.j." in space doing my show live.  I know a few people would have supported that idea and dream but they would have wanted it to be a one way trip.....I watched we total ah when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.....I will never forget it.  Yesterday that excitement came back when Space X and Elon Musk successfully launched his rocket into the "heavens, with a red Tesla Roadster with a mannequin behind the wheel.  Pretty cool seeing the pictures of that.  then the rocket boosters returned to the ground to be used again.  Science and the adventure in space have really come a long way from the Mercury launches that start the NASA program.  IF you missed the launch sit back and watch the whole thing again.  I will join you......

Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully launched its latest rocket, the Falcon Heavy, Tuesday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on the same launch pad NASA used to carry astronauts to the moon.

The launch is significant because it's the first time that a privately owned company, rather than a government-run space organization, has sent such a powerful rocket into orbit.

Musk also used to occasion to promote his other company – Tesla. The rocket carried the billionaire entrepreneur's own red Tesla Roadster with a mannequin at the wheel outfitted in a SpaceX spacesuit. (The New York Times)


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Greg Lane

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