Sports Stars Who Had A Mighty Fall

posted by Greg Lane -

This Sunday is called "Super Bowl Sunday" it's almost a religious experience for some of us.   The hype is non-stop, tickets can cost thousands of dollars, ads that run cost millions and yet it's as American as it gets.  When you think of this "BIG GAME" so much comes to mind.  There's the F word, Food,  Don't forget the beverages

After all the hype it's over one team with the Lombardy  trophy the other team goes home without......

Whether it's football or maybe the upcoming Olympics or other sports,  athletes perform the the highest levels and we root them on to winning.  For some when the lights turn off and the adoring crowds go home the aftermath can be devastating

to some, which brings me the following video 

Enjoy Sundays big game and the upcoming Olympics, or Baseball  or what ever your favorite sport is...and remember the athletes are just humans like us..........


Greg Lane

Greg Lane

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