National Thrift Shop Day! My FAVORITE Fresno Thrift Shops!

Today is National Thrift Shop Day! Normally I don't pay much attention to the random "national" days - BUT I had to recognize this one because I absolutely LOVE THRIFTING! I go probably every week so I thought I'd share my list of my favorite thrift shops in Fresno!

I also have a highlight reel of my best finds on my Instagram page @amandaisonair

There's a couple reasons I love thrifting so much: I find REALLY cool things, and really cool clothes, at a MUCH lower price. And I really like buying secondhand because the amount of goods that go into landfills each year is out of control. I think anything we can do to fight overconsumption and overflowing our landfills is GREAT!

Here's my 4 favorites....

  1. Valley Thrift Center - I go to 2 locations all the time, I probably frequent their location at 820 E Shields Ave the most, also their second location at 500 N Chestnut Ave. I love Thrift Center because if you spend over $15 you get a half off coupon for next time - and I always spend over $15 even with the coupon, so I've never paid "full" price there, though their "full" prices are super reasonable too!! I like they they separate out the clothes with ones in better condition being at the front of the store.
  2. Salvation Army - I frequent 2 of these locations as well - my favorite is downtown at 710 S Parallel Ave, the second in Clovis at 121 W Shaw. Salvation Army still offers a certain color tag as half off each week (Goodwill has stopped doing this, which is why you won't find them on my list... their prices have really gone up!) I go to Salvation Army almost every week because I know they will have a different color tag half off and I mostly only look for items with that color. I also like that they keep a steady price on all things in certain categories - all tanks $2, all pants $6 etc
  3. Team AMVETS - I obviously love that AMVETS is in benefit of our veterans - they also have a pretty big stock of clothes and I've found some great deals here! They offer a punch card to save money on future purchases too which is awesome. They are located at 4125 E Shields Ave in Fresno
  4. Joshua Thrift Store - this one is the tiniest of my favorites listed but it's super cool and special. This thrift store is a bit more curated but that doesnt effect the prices - I've found some really cool pieces for a good deal here, including the 1970s vintage Avon milk glass that I used as the photo for this blog!! Find them at 407 E Olive Ave in Fresno - check their hours before you go, they are closed some days

Do YOU have a favorite thrift store that I didn't list?? Please let me know about it!! DM me on instagram @amandaisonair

Now cue the Macklemore song... I'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollas in my pockettt!!

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