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My Trip to Sitka, Alaska!

I just got back from a jam packed week in Sitka, Alaska!

I was actually born in Sitka, we left when I was about 3, but my mom brought me back most summers growing up to visit her family so I have a very special place in my heart for Sitka. Often, when I mention I was born there, people ask "Like the Sitka that was in the movie The Proposal???" to which I always excitedly answer YES! I love that movie!

It's an island in Southeast Alaska (Sitka was actually the original capital of Alaska!!) and it is HUUUUGE in the summertime for fishing, hiking, boating and more.

We got lucky and had 4 days where it was around 70 degrees and sunny, very rare Sitka weather!! And it does stay light outside til about 10pm, we experienced some INCREDIBLE sunsets!!

One of my favorite places to go in Sitka is called Fortress of the Bear, which is a rescue center for abandoned grizzly and black bears! If cubs are abandoned in the wild too young, they have no chance of survival. Fortress of the Bear takes incredible care of these animals

We also went to the Alaska Raptor Center and saw bald eagles, ravens, owls, and more up close!

And when we were just sitting ocean side, we laughed non stop over the salmon jumping out of the water and belly flopping back down!

We also saw seal lions every single day of our trip, they are so cute.

Another highlight of my trip was swimming in the Alaskan ocean for the first time! It may not sound like it to us here in the Valley, but 72 and sunny in Sitka felt warm enough to cold plunge in the water. We ended up swimming for about 15 minutes which was way longer than I expected myself to last in that water! Check out a time lapse video of that below

You can check out all the things I mentioned above in my Instagram story Highlight reel on my page @amandaisonair

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