Bakersfield PD Helps Man Propose to his Girlfriend

When it comes to proposing to your GF, you could always go with classic options like somewhere beautiful outside, her favorite place, somewhere with her friends and family....

This man from Bakersfield said PASS on all those, and asked the police department for help surprising his girlfriend.... by faking his arrest.

Police pulled him over, asked him to step out of the vehicle, acted as if he was about to be arrested, then police asked his girlfriend to step out as well.... when she walked to the other side of the car she saw her boyfriend down on one knee with a ring.

This man is LUCKY she said YES after that rollercoaster of emotions!!!

Would you have been upset if you were tricked like this before your proposal? Let me know on Instagram @1027theWolf and @amandaisonair

Credit to ABC 30 for the details of this story, read their piece by clicking right here.

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