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My Starbucks Hack Will Save You Major Money if You Drink Iced Lattes!

With that story about a guys Starbucks order going viral and then the employee getting fired for posting a photo of it (he so should not have been fired for that...) I thought I would share my personal favorite Starbucks hack! It's A LOT less annoying than that guy's order was!!

We all love to save money right? I'll teach you how to shave about 20-30% of your iced latte or caramel macchiato!!

A grande iced vanilla latte comes with 2 shots and costs $4.75 (additional ).50 for alternative milk option)


order a grande iced americano, add vanilla, and add milk option of your choice

This will come with 3 shots in your grande, milk choice is NO CHARGE, and the flavor of your choice is the only added charge... but even with that, this drink comes out to.... $3.75

Yep, a whole DOLLAR cheaper, and you get more espresso/caffeine

Now I did this for a friend who was used to lattes and the 3rd espresso shot was too much for her. If that's true for you too, edit the shots down to 2 in the iced americano and you still save money!!! To make it REALLY taste like a latte, make sure you select "regular" or "extra" on your milk option. I'm TELLING YOU the iced americano is magic key to hacking a cheaper iced espresso drink from Starbucks... If you want to DM me your specific order I'll try to hack it!! @amandaisonair

Let's say you want one slightly fancier - I love an iced caramel macchiato with soy milk so I'll do that one

If I was getting my PERFECT drink, I would order a venti iced caramel macchiato with soy milk and an extra shot

Because of the soy milk option and the extra shot, this drink would come out to whopping $7.05 if I ordered it just like that

So let's hack it

A venti iced americano with extra splash of soymilk, add vanilla syrup and caramel drizzle

for a grand total of ..... $4.55!!!! FOR A VENTI

Because you get any milk choice free with the americano, the vanilla and caramel are the only added charges which add a dollar to this, but even so... its a whole $2.50 LESS and I swear to you it tastes THE SAME.

I'll do one more just for fun - on my best friends birthday weekend I brought her Starbucks and I ripped the label off it that said what it was. When she finished it I said, did you like that drink? (I'm grinning ear to ear lol) and she said "Yesss... why what was it" and I told her I hacked her favorite latte and that drink was $1.70 less

Her order was a grande vanilla latte with soy milk, totaling $5.45

What I ordered her was, a grande iced americano (minus 1 shot), extra splash of soy milk, add vanilla... for a total of $3.75!!!

I promise you the baristas will not be annoyed with you for ordering things this way, they'll be proud you hacked the system

You're welcome :)

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