My "Cinnamon Roll Popcorn" Super Simple Recipe for National Popcorn Day!

Today is National Popcorn Day, and there are so many kinds of popcorn to appreciate! Though we have been much deprived of the nations favorite kind of popcorn - movie theater popcorn - for a year now almost, I have a "recipe" that I make at home alllll the time! I put recipe in air quotes because it's so easy to do I can barely call it a recipe... It's my cinnamon roll popcorn!

It takes 4 ingredients: a tablespoon of butter, 1 cup of marshmallows, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 snack size bag of kettlecorn

Now you can change these things up to make it your own! I do the snack size popcorn cause I make this for me, myself, and I. But if you're splitting it with your spouse or family, grab that full size bag and double the amount of butter and marshmallows! And cinnamon to taste.

What I do is...

Melt the butter on low heat, when melted fully add the marshmallows. Use a spatula to make sure all the marshmallows are coated in butter. Then add your cinnamon and start stirring again, make sure the cinnamon is evenly distributed. Then as the marshmallows melt, pop your bag of kettle corn! In the 2 minutes it takes my kettle corn to pop, the marshmallows have melted and I toss in the kettle corn. Flip the kettle corn around in the marshmallow mix until its allll coated. This will leave you will something that almost looks like a giant popcorn ball! Eat it fresh and hot while it's still a little sticky (my fav) or let it cool entirely for a super chewy snack!!

I promise you it is soooo amazing! I like making this because with my mini kettle corn bag, butter and marshmallows its only about 300 calories, but it makes A LOT. Super satisfying for that nightly sweet tooth!!

Let me know if you try this out! Tag me or DM me on Instagram @amandaisonair

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