I need your help naming my new kitty!

If you listen to my show you may have heard me talking about this cat that was living in our station parking lot. My co-worker Teri Ann (listen to her on Soft Rock 98.9!) and I had been loving on this cat every day, he was sooo friendly, so we decided to see if he was chipped! Turns out he was, BUT he had been missing 3 years!! His owner was this sweet older lady who fosters cats and she said every time she would bring another cat home, this cat would get upset and run off. One day he didn't come back. She told me I could adopt him if I wanted and she was really happy he'd be the only cat and have a whole house to himself with me!

He made himself at home with me so quickly, he certainly doesn't act or look like a street cat! He is the sweetest boy, he loves attention. The only thing is.... he doesn't have a name! I haven't come up with one that I feel really fits him, so I'm asking for your help. Here's a couple photos of him - send me a DM on Instagram @amandaisonair if you think you have a fitting name for my baby boy!!