Candle Hack! One of the best discoveries I've made during quarantine!

This is the best item I've discovered during quarantine. You see, I'm someone who LOVES candles. I can often burn through my favorites in less than a week, and I'm always left with that little half-inch or so of wax left at the bottom when the wick runs out. It drives me nuts!! So much wasted scent left at the end of a candle.

I had seen "hacks" online of people fill their almost-used up candles with water and heating it up with the wax melts and floats to the top. You can then remove the wax and use it in a wax melter.... but that seemed like quite a process. So INSTEAD.... I stumbled across CANDLE WARMERS!!!

These are GENIUS!!! You can see in my photo, the warmer I got is the perfect size for my favorite candle to sit on top, and within 10 minutes the remaining candle wax melted and was super fragrant. I removed the wicks and now I'm just going to continually melt the leftover wax! SO MUCH MORE USE from my favorite candles!!

This is not an ad or anything like that, just simply a product I stumbled across and thought others would love! I don't want to advertise any specific brand, there are lots out there, but if you are interested in the exact ones I purchased, feel free to message me on instagram @amandaisonair

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