What I Watched This Weekend: "Onward" and "Ozark"

I'm back with the most recent things I watched during quarantine! And today I have something for everyone.

The two things I watched this weekend were the newest Disney/Pixar movie "Onward" on Disney+, and the newest season of "Ozark" on Netflix.

We'll start with the family friendly one. "Onward" was very cute! It's got a great cast of actors behind the characters, like Tom Holland and Chris Pratt who both also have roles in Disney's Marvel Universe. They play a pair of elf brothers who discover a magical gift their dad left them. I think it's really cool that Disney released this to streaming so soon after it's theatrical release. I feel like Disney/Pixar does a good job of creating movies that kids and parents can enjoy together. This movie is funny, heartfelt, and unique. Although it's not my personal favorite Disney/Pixar movie, still worth a watch if you typically like their movies!! My rating: 3.5/5 magical gems

And then last night, we finished Ozark Season 3 on Netflix. Woooooof, what a season. I am typically someone who doesnt love A LOT of violence and murder in shows I watch, so Ozark is about as dark as I get. I like this show because it's got suspense and it's all about the long game, so you can kind of sense when things get in the way of that and something is about to go down - we were predicting the next consequence throughout the season but they STILL managed to throw curveballs. I also love Jason Bateman in just about anything. This season brings the addition of Wendy's brother Ben, and man his storyline was heart wrenching. Overall, a worthwhile watch that will totally suck you in. My rating: 4/5 casino boats

Now what?? I'm looking for my next viewing experience, if you have recommendations please shoot me a message on Instagram @amandaisonair !

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