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Everything I Did During My Birthday Weekend (feat. Blake Shelton!)

Well, I just had the best birthday weekend of my life! 28 is already shaping up to be an awesome year

It started on my actual birthday, Friday Feb 21. I still can't believe I was lucky enough for our Blake Shelton concert to fall on my birthday! I got to take my parents to the concert who were visiting from Oregon and they had a blast. We got to have a drink with Blake before he took the stage, and I learned that his favorite drink is Vodka and Sprite! Check out our photo below. Blake called it a "prom photo" hahaha.

I got to chat with Lauren Alaina before the show as well and I cannot wait to have her be my guest on Woman Crush Wednesday this Wednesday at 5pm on the Wolf!! She is such a sweetheart with the biggest, brightest personality. I loved her set, her voice is unreal!

I also shared a tonnn of videos from his show on our Instagram! Check out stories highlight too. He put on such a LONG set, it was incredible! Lauren Alaina came back out to join him. Plus of course John Anderson, Trace Adkins and the Bellamy Brothers. It was so cool seeing them all have a jam sesh at the end of the set! I was cracking up when Blake grabbed an audience member's tall boy, take a big drink, only to realize it was NOT beer, but something with V8 tomato juice, to which Blake reacted "yuckkk" LOL

Then my parents and I got Wendy's after the concert, a great night all around!

My birthday weekend continued on Saturday when my family and I went to Monterey! I finally got to check out 17 Mile Drive and boy was it worth it!! Views on views on views. A day of exploring beaches is perfect to me. I found a lot of tide pools with more hermit crabs than I have ever seen in my life!! They were so fun to watch.

Then we went to dinner at Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing and I ate a whole crab! And an artichoke. It was deeeelicious! Have you been there??

I was wiped out by Sunday, so I slept in and then caught up on my new favorite show, Stumptown! It's on ABC but I watch on Hulu if you're looking for a show recommendation!

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this weekend!! I feel so lucky!

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