What I Learned Today: I look like a lot of white, blonde actresses.

This is actually not something I learned TODAY but over this weekend. Apparently, I look like a variety of white, blonde actresses. And I aint mad about it! But I had to laugh when a lady stopped me in Target to tell me that I "looked just like the actress in the movie" she had just watched. I said, wow neat! Do you know who it was? She said no. I said, What movie? She didn't remember. I said, well I'm often told I look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Katherine Heigl. She said, maybe it was one of them!! But she didn't know. So I left wondering.... WHICH white, blonde actress did I remind her of??

My life has gone in phases of people telling me I look like a particular actress. It started in high school when my photography teacher told me I "looked just like Hot Donna from That 70s Show"... I said, well I don't watch That 70s Show but why on earth did my teacher just refer to me as "hot" anything??? I then learned he meant Laura Prepon. Especially since getting into radio, I get Laura a lottt (she was on the radio in That 70s Show if you didn't know)

Then when I was about 18 or 19, I started getting a lot of strangers telling me I look like Katherine Heigl. I even had one man at a concert announce on a MEGAPHONE that "the girl from Knocked Up is here!!!!" and everyone stared at me as I ducked behind my friends.

As I've gotten older, I get Gwyneth Paltrow a lot, and to be honest that's the one I see the most resemblance between.

I should note, I take all of these as compliments! It never bothers me when someone stops me and compares me to any of these lovely ladies... but it does leave me wondering. WHICH white, blonde actress do I really look the most like! Hahaha... let me know your 2 cents, I'm on Instagram and Facebook @amandaisonair

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