My tiny hometown in Alaska is in this Google ad for the Big Game!

My friend sent me a link to a Google commercial today saying that I would love it... About 30 seconds in I realized why. He Googles my tiny hometown in Alaska! I was born in Sitka, and of all places, they featured it in this ad. It made me very excited. A lot of times when I mention that I am from Sitka, people go "Like in the movie The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock???" and I get to go, YES!! Also, fun fact, even though the population of Sitka is only 8,000 people, it is actually the largest city in America.... by land size! It spans over 2,800 miles!!! The actual town is quite small, but all of incorporated Sitka is BIG! Twice the size of all of Rhode Island in fact!! If you ever book an Alaska cruise, I highly recommend you select one that goes through Sitka, it is absolutely beautiful and unique. Look out for this Google ad during the big game! Aside from mentioning Sitka, it's really going to hit you in feels..