WATCH: First Full Trailer for 'A Quiet Place 2'!

I typically am not a "scary movie" person, but I did really enjoy 'A Quiet Place'. Partly because I love John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (one of my favorite celeb couples) but also because I found it really impressive how well they told a story with almost no dialogue at all. The first film is incredibly suspenseful but I wouldn't classify it as "scary". Yes, there was a giant icky monster, but it only made a couple appearances, the majority of the film is all about the family.

Well, we now have our first glimpse of A Quiet Place 2! The first full trailer is here, and it shows wife/mother Evelyn trying to protect her kids from the looming blind monster, which seems like it will have more screen time in the second film. John Krasinksi returns as the writer and director, but will we see him on screen at all? I am hoping for some flashbacks!