HILARIOUS! Dad Punishes Daughter By Taking Over Her Social Media Accounts!

I saw this amazing story about Tawna and Larry and their creative punishment for their daughter Maddi, after she snuck boys into a sleepover. They offered to let her choose between losing her phone for a month, or losing it for just two weeks BUT during that time her parents would get to control her social media accounts. Luckily for all our entertainment, she chose option 2. Let the amazing instagram, tik tok, and snapchat posts from her father commence.... My personal favorite is below, her dad posted in a wig and holding a hydroflask "like can we save the mother freakin turtles already??"

See all the posts on her Instagram by clicking right here!

Maddi's punishment is now over and honestly, she should THANK her parents because her followings grew tremendously during her hiatus

Check out some videos below of the videos Maddi's dad put on her Tik Tok!! And find more here

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