Basketball Player Reacts to Finding Out He's Accepted into Nursing School!

This warms my heart!!

Ben Lubitz is a basketball player at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. He's been applying to the school's Nursing program with no success, he had been rejected 4 times due to the high volume of applicants. But he didn't give up. He stayed committed to basketball and to learning, and earlier this week, he got a huge surprise at practice.

While in a huddle with his teammates, talking about their dream careers, Ben once again mentioned his dream of becoming an RN. That's when his coach informed him he was FINALLY ACCEPTING INTO THE PROGRAM!! His whole team celebrates with him and now I'm fighting back tears. WAY TO GO BEN!! Ben spoke on the moment, saying "Having coach tell me, that's the best way to find out, and having all my friends and teammates around enjoying it with me, everybody jumping up and down and celebrating, was awesome."

Now there's a Tell Me Something Good!

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