Amanda's Berry Elderflower Splash with Prairie Organic Vodka

Looking for a flavorful, simple, and quick cocktail to make this weekend? I was too, so I decided to make a Berry Elderflower Splash with my favorite Prairie Organic Vodka! It was so good, I had to share the recipe!

Grab a wine glass and fill it with ice, then combine an ounce and a half of Prairie Organic Vodka with an ounce and a half of Elderflower cordial, then add 3 ounces of San Pellegrino Essenza berry pomegranate sparkling water. Stir it up, give it a squeeze of lime and add berries to garnish! That's how you make a Berry Elderflower Splash!

Find Prairie Organic Spirits at your favorite local retailer and find them online by clicking right here.

Drink responsibly, Drink organic!

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