Ed Sheeran breaks record previously held by U2!

Huge congrats are in store for Ed Sheeran! After his show in Denmark this weekend, he officially broke the record for the Highest Grossing Worldwide tour OF ALL TIME! His Divide Tour also broke the record for the Most Attended Tour, meaning he has sold A LOTTTT of tickets!

U2 previously held the record for the highest grossing tour, with their 360-Degree tour bringing in over $736 million from 2009-2011.

Ed has officially surpassed $737 million and still has 12 shows of the tour left to play!

He's been on the road on the Divide Tour since March 2017. I was lucky enough to see the show in July 2017! Check out Ed's instagram post celebrating the milestone below - and I also went wayyy back in my Instagram to find my posts from when I saw the tour!

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