Woman Turns Wine Stained Jumper into Wine Soaked Fashion Masterpiece!!

This is the ultimate "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" situation! Except instead of lemonade it's red wine.

On Saturday, Eleanor Walton was having a great day at the Ripon horse race in North Yorkshire, England. Until her lovely white jumpsuit was stained with a red wine spill, oh no!! While many people would get upset, maybe leave the event, Eleanor decided not to let it ruin her day!

With the help of another friend, they poured 5 more glasses of red wine on the suit and dryed it under an air dryer in the restroom, to create this AWESOME tye-dye red wine ensemble! It's honestly adorable and I like it even better than when it was all white! check out the photos below

I absolutely love Eleanor's attitude in this situation (though her friend noted, she was a little drunk, so that helped her not care so much LOL) What a creative way to turn a mishap into a great story.

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