How did this PERFECT In-N-Out Burger End up in NYC???

We're lucky in California, we are 1 of 6 states that get to experience the wonderfulness of In-N-Out Burgers. So imagine the surprise of 31-year-old Lincoln when he came across a Double Double In-N-Out Burger in PERFECT condition... in the streets of Queens, NY.

See his post on Instagram by clicking right here!

As you can see, the burger is in pristine condition. Lincoln was baffled by this as the nearest In-N-Out to NY is over 1500 miles away. Lincoln says he has attempted to fly home from the West Coast with In-N-Out burgers and they did not make the trip well, they ended up soggy and inedible, he says.

So HOW in the world did this burger make it to NY perfectly? No one knows. The mystery remains. Some guesses included a viral marketing stunt (immediately where my mind went as well) but the CEO of the chain has repeatedly stated they never plan to expand East of Texas, so apparently that's out.

We may never know.... but for now, at least we can have a confused laugh about it!

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