A PINK fan gave BIRTH during opening number at her concert!

Of all the places to give birth besides a hospital, I don't imagine a CONCERT is top of that list for most people. But for Denise Jones, that's exactly what happened Tuesday night while she was attending a PINK concert in Liverpool, England!! The music must have moved her baby daughter so much that she just had to enter the world - during the opening number! Pink was performing "Get The Party Started" when Denise started going into labor, 3 weeks early, and medics on site had to assist in the delivery. Momma and baby are both doing great, Denise said, quote, "I’m still massively in shock, just a bit gutted I missed the concert, but I couldn’t be any happier right now!”

Denise said they had planned to name the baby girl Dolly Louise but after her grand entrance they decided Dolly PINK was a better fit!! Check out pics in the tweet below! You can also see what Pink posted on Instagram below!