21-year-old woman becomes the youngest person to travel to EVERY COUNTRY!

We all day dream of travelling the world, but 21 year old Lexie Alford made it her reality and just broke the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Person to travel to EVERY COUNTRY in the world!!!

As soon as Lexie stepped foot in North Korea, it marked her 196 sovereign nation arrival and broke the record of James Asquith who has held the title since 2013 when he completed the challenge at 24 years old.

Lexie grew up in Nevada City CA and was accustomed to travelling from a young age as her parents owned a travel agency. By the time she turned 18 in 2016, she had already travelled to 72 countries, and that's when she decided to take on the world and visit all 196 countries.

Read her full story here, including which countries were the hardest to travel to, and which countries surprised her!! You should also follow her on Instagram @LexieLimitless, she posts endless beautiful photos and travel inspo! A few of my favorite shots of hers are below..

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