Taco Bell Cantina to open and serve alcohol in Downtown Sac!

I felt genuine excitement today when I received a text from a friend alerting me that Taco Bell announced they are opening one of their Cantina style restaurants in Downtown Sac! If you haven't heard of the Taco Bell Cantinas, they are known for their club-style atmosphere, extended food menu, aaaaand alcoholic slushies!! I got to visit the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas and my mouth dropped when I walked in. The Cantinas are VERY upscale compared to normal Taco Bell, music is bumping, and the drink options are incredible. I had the spiked Baja Blast slushie and oh my, it was delicious. I also got my classic TB fav, a grilled shredded chicken burrito and nacho fries. To my surprise, my food was delivered in a cute little basket as opposed to the standard paper wrappers and such that you expect at fast food. It's a truly elevated Taco Bell experience!

The new Taco Bell Cantina is set to open this fall at 900 K st, near Golden1 Center.