2 Sacramento eateries place in Top 10 nationwide Best Brunch spots!

Yelp just released their list of the 100 Best Brunch spots in America and the Sacramento area really showed out! We have 6 total Sacramento-area restaurants placing in the top 100 - and TWO of them are TOP 10!!! I've been to both multiple times and I think these rankings are SPOT ON! Let's give a round of applause to TOWER CAFE and BACON AND BUTTER!

The list is also broken down by state.

Tower Cafe in Sacramento placed FIRST as the BEST BRUNCH spot in all of California! AND they placed 7th best in the country! My favorite thing to order at Tower is their french toast for sure!!

Bacon and Butter placed third in California and ninth in the country! Lucky for us there are now TWO locations for Bacon and Butter in Sac... In fact I was at one this weekend YUMMM. I always split their Grilled Cheese Benedict (photoed below) with whoever I'm with, then we each get a sweet treat too :) We tried the bread pudding this weekend, but their donuts are unlike anything I have ever had and they always introduce new flavors so I HIGHLY recommend you try whatever flavor they have on hand that day.

But let's not forget the rest of the local top 100 honorees.... Evan's Kitchen & Catering in Sacramento came in 30th overall, BarnBurner in Rocklin at 32nd, Four Sisters cafe in Roseville at 48th, and High Hand Cafe in Loomis at 82nd! So excited for all these amazing restaurants to be nationally recognized, we are so lucky to live somewhere with such amazing local food!

And if you have a tropical vacation planned you might want to know that THE TOP BRUNCH SPOT IN AMERICA IS...... Orchids in Honolulu Hawaii!

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