You can buy Crocs with mini Fanny Packs attached!

I never thought I'd see headlines with phrases like "Balenciaga x Crocs: The Worlds Ugliest Shoe Just Got a High-Fashion Makeover" or "Post Malone Crocs sell out in minutes, Again" but alas, both are real and Crocs are officially IN. So I wasn't TOTALLY surprised when I saw this new headline, on Esquire Men's Fashion... "You Know? Screw It, I'd Wear the Fanny Pack Crocs" and I thought "Fanny Pack? Crocs? Combined?" and clicked. Check out these beauties below.

The Fanny Pack Crocs are REAL and available for purchase for $53 USD, here is the website. What would you store in your Croc fanny packs? Couple quarters, maybe a chapstick???