This mom had a great reaction to her children shaving their hair off

I can only imagine the level of patience it takes to be a parent. Being a mom who works night shifts as a full-time nurse and has 3 kids would be a whole other level! That's the life of Stephanie Plunkette and over the weekend, just as she was getting ready to head out for a late work shift she discovered her kids had been up to some mischief....

She left the room for 8 minutes, she said, and in that time her son found an electric shaver and gave himself, little brother and little sister very creative haircuts!! Stephanie was initially very alarmed and upset (obviously) but she quickly masked her horror to comfort her kids. Her daughter adorably asked if her mom could add more hair back to her head, and later says "now I look like a boy" to which her mom replies "no you don't, you are still beautiful, your hair will grow back". She keeps repeating reassuring messages. She asks her son if he cut his brothers hair as well and he says yes, she replies "Honesty is good, it's okay, its just hair".

I remember when I was 4 or so I took a pair of scissors to my long blonde hair and my mom did NOT respond as calmly (but I don't blame her).I commend Stephanie on her ability to remain calm and comforting toward her children. On the list of things that are most important in life, haircuts aren't one of them!

Stephanie's brother shared her whole reaction video on Twitter, you've gotta watch it below!!!

He also posted a follow up video, showing his niece and nephew happy as can be, running around with their bald little heads! Watch it here.

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