Awesome 13 year old Boy buys his Mom a Car!

This is about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. A single mom named Krystal Preston from Nevada posted on Facebook that she was "in complete shock" after her 13 year old son told her he bought her a car. She said she knew he had been mowing lawns, cleaning yards and becoming a "money making machine" so she didn't question when he went to do another job.

But this time, he came back saying they needed to ride with this woman, and when they arrived at the destination she realized her son had done work in order to earn the car for her. Her son did an interview with KOLO TV and said he saw the car for sale on Facebook and negotiated with the owner. He gave up his XBOX and hours of work to trade for the vehicle for his mother. Sounds like she is raising an excellent young man!!

Read more of this awesome story by clicking here, and another interview here. Check out Krystal's Facebook post below!