Office Chair easily lays flat for at-work Naps!

Have you ever been at work and felt like you needed a quick 20 minute power snooze? Well Japanese retailer Thanko released an office chair that easily lays flat to make the perfect napping chair! Their version costs about $600 but after doing some research, I found similar models much cheaper, like this one on Amazon (doesn't quite lay flat but would totally work), or this one on Overstock!!

It wouldn't surprise me if some workplaces ENCOURAGED napping, in hopes of upping productivity. Similar to what Google offers our neighbors who work for them in the Bay Area, they have nap pods that employees can utilize so basically they never have to leave.

Many professionals have been emphasizing the health benefits of naps - but there's definitely an optimal way to nap. Limit it to 20 minutes so you feel energized, not groggy after, and maybe even have a cup of coffee beforehand since caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in! That's what's called a 'nappucino'. Why am I suddenly yawning???