Keanu Reeves helped fellow passengers stranded in Bakersfield

Celebrities are just like us! Sometimes they get stuck on planes that need to make emergency landings too. Keanu Reeves was on a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles when it had to be diverted for an emergency landing in Bakersfield due to a mechanical issue. Instead of freaking out, Keanu calming talked to his fellow passengers and motivated others to hop on ground transportation with him and head to Burbank. They all loaded into a van and to pass the time, passengers reported that Keanu entertained them all by reading facts about Bakersfield and playing local music from his phone! If you want more first hand accounts from passengers who were with Keanu, check out the posts below! If you have to get stranded in Bakersfield, sounds like Keanu Reeves is a pretty decent person to get stranded with :)