Check out Halle Berry's new full-spine back tattoo!!

Halle Berry surprised fans by debuting a new full-back tattoo on instagram! The vine and leaf art stretches from her neck all the way down her spine, as she showed off in the photo below as she cooks topless! Some people are speculating if the tattoo is possibly fake, and Halle didn't allude one way or the other in her caption, simply stating "Who says I'm not a mermaid?"

Having plenty of ink myself I must say... I truly can't tell if the art is real or not. It LOOKS real, but it does not look fresh, it looks very healed so I'm a little surprised no one had caught a glimpse of it yet. Or maybe it's not real and it's for a role that we are in the dark about!! Either way, I do think the piece looks gorgeous on her, and anyone who thinks differently should stay out of her comments on instagram because it's her body and her choice!