1,500 strangers sing "I Want It That Way" and they sound AMAZING

There's something about a huge group of people singing the same song all together that will always give me chills! I love love LOVE Choir vocals, and their is a group in Australia called the Pub Choir and their whole mission is to get people together to sing! Like, 1,500 people at once. The most recent song they posted was the Backstreet Boys' iconic hit, I Want It That Way. They gathered 1,500 people in a room, and orchestrated different sections of people on when and what to sing. The end result sounds incredible!! Check out the video below, and follow them on Facebook by clicking right here!

This is a pretty fitting video for Pub Choir to release this week, considering the Backstreet Boys are celebrating the success of their new album DNA, which just debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart, marking the Backstreet Boys' first #1 album in 20 years!!!