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Woman holds essay contest; winner gets get Canadian MANSION

At first this sounded too good to be true, but then I read more about Alla Wagner of Alberta Canada and realized this wasn't a rouse at all - she's just a genius.

Alla was struggle to sell her 5,000-square-foot home in rural Alberta, 45 minutes from Calgary in Canada. It was custom-built, has three bedrooms, three full baths and two half baths, in addition to a wine cellar, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and a pond. She's asking $1.7 Million for the home but has had no takers, so she decided to get creative. 

She is now holding an ESSAY CONTEST, of which the winner will receive HER HOME. She's pulling this off by asking an entry fee of $18.75 american dollars. She will not end the contest until she has 68,000 entries.... which will total her $1.7 Million asking price. Once all entries are submitted, she will award the home to the best written essay!

And she isn't looking for a novel, just 200-350 words! After all, she does have to read 68,000 entries. Alla clarified the contest stating it is not a lottery. Each contestant must write why they deserve the home in any format - a poem, an essay or some other prose form - she will read all of the entries and choose 500 to send to a panel of her neighbors and real estate agents. The panel will select three finalists, who will be interviewed to determine a winner.

If you are wondering WHY Alla is selling the house, unfortunately she injured her back so badly she can't move throughout the house and she did not want to renovate it, she said even though it is her "dream home" she simply can't stay. 

Read more about Alla, her home and her contest by clicking right here!!

You can also visit her Facebook page for the contest and review all the rules and regulations by clicking right here.

AND See a video with more of the house by clicking here.

I might throw my hat in the ring - I was in journalism school so I fancy myself somewhat of a writer, and its $20 for a chance at freakin' mansion! 1/68,000 is a lot better than most lotteries/contest with that kind of prize!!  

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